Friday, April 29, 2011


A recurring theme in neverland is my kink-taste for text, and particularly dialogue in homoerotic wrestling.  I think that amateur wrestling only revs my engine to a point, precisely because they execute a wrestling match so impersonally. It's "just" sport, whereas throwing in some taunting, some screams of agony, some degradation and gloating dialogue, makes the wrestling about sorting out a relationship. Catching up on my, "I've got to own that some day" list, I was recently struck by the marathon, expert eroticism of Kid Leopard and Dick the Prick in BG East's Submissions 4. This should be beat poetry, I think. When the action has moved to the mat room, and after KL has broken Dick's spirits repeatedly, he schoolboy pins Mr. The Prick and begins grinding his crotch into Dick's face.

"Yah, yah... so much for the pretty boy. Yah, so much for the fucking pretty boy.  Pinned.  Pinned with a dick in his face." Dick begins to stroke his own cock as KL humps his face and heaps on the humiliation.

"Yah, pinned with a fucking cock going across his lips. Yah, ain't it so, boy, huh? Ain't it so? Yah... yah... fucked up in the ring, squashed on the mats, and now sucking crotch.  Yes sir, pretty boy. Yes sir.  That's where you belong. That's where you fucking belong..."

KL pulls his dick out of his trunks and proceeds to slap Mr. The Prick's face with it, while Dick strokes his own cock harder, groaning louder as he does.

"That's where you fucking belong. Yah... yah.........  yah.  Juice is flying isn't it?  Yah... yah... yah..."

KL turns around, dropping his ass on Dick's face. He punches Dick's hairy right pec, eliciting a groan. "Yah," KL continues, "bridge that ass up!" Dick obediently arches his hips off the mat, until KL pounds his fists into Dick's pecs again, driving Mr. The Prick back down.

"Yah, oh yah," KL mutters, his balls pressed against dick's lips.  "Yah, fucker, pinned!"

Dick gasps.  His body goes rigid, and then he erupts in cum shooting up his abdomen, his groans of ecstasy muffled with his mouth stuffed up KL's ass.

"Pinned! Fucker! One.... two... three... pinned your ass. Now, I'm going to pin your dick."

KL slides to Dick's side and positions himself crotch-on-crotch, grinding his hard cock onto Dick's.

"Yah, pinned your fucking dick," KL mutters an instant before his own body begins to quiver. "One... two... three," KL counts, cum streaming out of his cock precisely on the count of three. He stretches his body over top of his vanquished opponent, his face hovering a fraction of an inch over Dick's.

"Not bad, punk." Their lips lock together hungrily.

The most astounding thing of all about this fantastically hot scenario? There are still almost 15 minutes left in this match!

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