Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wet Newsmen

In the midst of my recent rush of productivity and, basically, kicking ass at work, I didn't even notice that neverland turned 2 years old. Sometimes, it feels like I've been building this monstrosity for most of my life, so just ticking off a 2nd anniversary seems impossibly short. It's been about 95% pleasurable, which is pretty damn good odds in my experience of past-times. In honor of the beginning of year 3, and taking us back to my homoerotic wrestling blogging roots, here are some pics from a Men's Health feature on ABC News' Chris Cuomo. Chris was the subject of my first topical post two years ago. Specifically, I snagged a capture of Chris in a dunking booth, his white t-shirt soaked and plastered to his rippled torso. These latest pics are of Chris, once again soaked (as he ought to be in every photo he ever takes), this time in muscle hugging lycra competing in his first triathlon. Chris commanded a whole lot of attention around these parts for about 8 months, until the point that Good Morning America passed over my favorite Italian stallion news muscle hunk and instead promoted George Stephanopolous to the anchor chair. Those bastards. I'm still bitter. Until Matt Gutman does a shirtless newscast slathered in baby oil, I will continue to resent ABC and refuse to return to my loyal GMA viewership.

My lust for newsmen muscle led to Chris Cuomo and five other news crushes of mine appearing in a fictional homoerotic wrestling tournament in my imagination. Chris was an early favorite in that tourney, though things didn't quite go his way in the end. Because it seems like I can never get enough of fantasy-Chris, he did prevail in a five-way battle-royale in the serial News Division wrestling broadcast in the Producer's Ring.

What Chris' journey through my homoerotic wrestling imagination and through his real life evolution as a "serious" ABC newsman illustrates, and what my experience of blogging for two years confirms, life is full of change. For all that's changed and all that's stayed the same, for good friends and fellow kinksters, for hot homoerotic wrestling hunks, both real and imagined, I'm grateful for the past two years.

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