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Diverse Tastes - Guest Contributor Stay Puft

Another guest contributor and friend of this blog, Stay Puft brings us his take on the theme of "Diverse Tastes." I think there's an echo-chamber effect at times in the relatively small world of the online wrestling kink universe. Those of us with the expendable time to spare to regularly write blogs on the topic tend to have our voices relatively amplified over the hundreds or thousands each one of us statistically represents. Just a reminder that blogger accounts are free and you can start your own blog to expand the conversation on a regular basis. But short of a thousand homoerotic wrestling kink blogs, I'm happy to have regular readers and man-on-the-street consumers like SP join in this summer series for neverland, exploring what "Diverse Tastes" mean in homoerotic wrestling kink.  I like to think of myself as versatile and turned on by a wide range of tastes when it comes to bodies and looks, but SP's range puts me to shame. I'd venture to guess that SP represents the many folks for whom diversity itself is a turn on, and for that, I'm always glad to get his perspective on what's happening in the wrestling world.  ~Bard

Brian Kendrick


I will start off by saying that while I am going to explore my own diverse tastes, I make no attempt to explain them, because they don't necessarily make sense even to me.  My diverse tastes can briefly be summed up by looking at a time when TNA Wrestling had three of my favorites hired (though sadly under-utilized) at the same time: Brian Kendrick, Big Rob Terry, and Daffney.  Maybe Daffney doesn't QUITE affect me the same as the first two, but I'm at least...fascinated enough to admit she deserves a mention.

Two of my earliest crushes were on Iron Mike Sharpe ("AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!") and Michelle Pfeiffer ("Meow."), I guess that's pretty diverse.  Although the wrestling side of things seemed to have taken the stronger hold early on.  (Oh, and I haven't seen "Personal Effects" yet but it has Michelle Pfeiffer AND Ashton Kutcher, which is happy for me.)

Randy Orton
Kate Beckinsale
If I had to pick two people I thought might be THE most beautiful people, they would be Randy Orton and Kate Beckinsale.  (Their voices, their grace in motion.)  Although for sure, it's only Randy I'd want to see in a wrestling match, don't get me wrong.  (But in "Alice through the Looking Glass," Kate was the only actress to take the lines from the book and sound like she was naturally, really saying it.  She's so natural, and her hands are so long and slender.)

Jamie Scott of Graffiti6
Diverse tastes take things outside of the world of wrestling, and I think I'm in love with Jamie Scott of one of my favorite new English bands, Graffiti6.  His looks, his writing, and his voice, though not necessarily in that order.

Alistair Overeem
Rio Garza, Mike Knox, Alistair Overeem, Phil Baroni, Clay Guida, Chris Masters, Brody Steele, El Elegido, Brook Stetson, the Gambler, these people don't fall into the same body types but they all do it for me. I do find that I don't mind (in fact, I prefer) when I'm only attracted to one person in a match.  Then I can concentrate on him.

El Elegido
And...yes, I prefer jobber matches, squash matches, with the person I favor on the receiving end of the beating.  But there's even diversity there, because sometimes enough's enough, and I feel sorry for the person, and I WANT to see things turn around, but do I really...? (Pain and conflict is necessary for interesting narrative and can be incredibly arousing but at the end of the day I guess I just want everything to be okay.)

Big Rob Terry

And for the heavier (bodybuilder) end of the spectrum, Big Rob, Mike O'Hearn, etc., it bothers me when people dismiss anyone over a certain size with phrases like "'roided up."  I'm not naive enough to think there are no more steroids being used, but there are natural bodybuilders who I'd imagine take a certain amount of pride in what they achieve, and it seems petty to doubt their claims, or to over-generalize.  And for the people who DO use steroids, come on, you're working so hard already, you'd still be beautiful without them, and is it REALLY worth risking any sort of side effect to your nether regions?

But going back to an earlier point, if there's a match where I happen to be into both guys, that leaves a lot more room for the give-and-take.  Hm, and I could have gone somewhere with the hotness of seeing Chris Masters tap out, but the mixed sadness of thinking, "Oh no, he lost his match."  And I was going to mention being a kid and hating when anything bad would happen to He-Man, and later on those bad things being exactly what would turn my crank, but I guess that might be less about diverse tastes and more about personal history or something, but on a side note, the Rants, 'Roids & Rasslin' blog has a great "He-Man in trouble" story going, which is very nostalgic.

Clay Guida
Favorites of mine have been hairy, smooth, ripped to shreds, sporting a big gut, mean and domineering, weasely, bitchy and submissive, long-haired, stubbly-to-bald.
Chris Masters
I'm not used to talking in front of people, so thank you. - SP


Thank you, SP! You're awesome, and the diversity that turns you on in truly inspiring!

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