Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cutting Off Our Noses

Today's post is dedicated to a certain BG East boy who suggested to me that the one thing he doesn't see enough of in gay wrestling blogs is a strong statement about piracy. I think he's perfectly correct. There isn't enough of a thoughtful discussion about piracy, illegal file sharing, and bootlegging of homoerotic wrestling products. My strong statement on the subject: it sucks.

Even before my visit to the BG East compound this summer, I was against efforts to pirate copies of homoerotic wrestling. I get asked A LOT to share my collection with others. Sometimes, guys suggest a swap, which I don't have a problem with. Exchanging legally purchased products seems entirely fine with me. I don't do it, mind you. I'm awfully attached to each and every purchase in my lovingly assembled collection of homoerotic wrestling. But for those who want to literally swap or give away their legally purchased products, seems like a legitimate option.

However, file sharing and bootlegging seems a much more insidious and parasitical activity that could ultimately harm us all. I don't do it, and I'm strongly against it. Getting a glimpse of the BG East archives was astonishing this summer. I'm pretty proud of my 70 or so BG East products in my library, but hot damn, there are hundreds of videos in their published catalogs! A newbie to homoerotic wrestling could feast for a long time on just BG East's back catalog, not to mention the products of other companies like Can-Am, Rock Hard Wrestling, Naked Kombat, Thunder's Arena, UCW, etc., etc.  There's been an incredible quantity of fantastically arousing homoerotic wrestling produced in the past 20+ years, and probably twice that in not-so-fantastically arousing homoerotic wrestling (and wrestling that's just, at best, homoerotically-inspired). My point is, there's already a lot to choose from.

However, I for one am a big, big fan of the creative edge of the homoerotic wrestling industry. I love (lovelovelove) the new find. I'm crazy for the next rookie debut. Having seen quite a bit already, I'm especially thrilled when something new comes out that I just haven't seen before. A new face, a new move, a new story, a new venue... Regular readers know that I can be harsh when I get the impression that anybody (wrestler or production company) is just phoning it in, recycling material or merely going through the motions. What thrills me most is being caught off guard, being surprised or awed by a novel move or a look that isn't cookie-cutter.  I'm powerfully provoked by what I haven't seen yet, whether it be the veteran who pulls off something completely new and unexpected, or the rookie phenom who delivers a move or hold that makes me gasp. I love tried and true formulas that never fail to tweak my kink (the muscled babyface conquered and used, the narcissist crushed, the young bucks pushing each other past the limits of fair play in fiercely fought competition, e.g.), but there's just about nothing sexier than innovative wrestling kink for my tastes.

What bootlegging and filesharing does is threaten the very existence of the ongoing creativity in homoerotic wrestling. Hell, it threatens to undermine anybody who tries to make a living producing new homoerotic wrestling material. For every bootlegged copy and illegal fileshare, there's less financial incentive for producers to keep producing. There's less investment to pay the salaries of the next round of wrestlers.  If we, who enjoy homoerotic wrestling, cheat the industry out of their intellectual property rights, then we're taking a piss on the very people who so wonderfully feed our wrestling kink. The more we, who consume homoerotic wrestling, pirate the wrestling that we love, the less likely it will be that the industry will continue to produce, create and innovate. What we'll be left with, it seems to me, is what we've got: a great body of hot homoerotic wrestling archives, but without the promise of anything new, nothing to be ventured, nothing to be gained. If we cheat producers of homoerotic wrestling out of what's rightfully theirs, sooner or later we're going to go hunting for something new in homoerotic wrestling inspiration, and find nothing but a blank screen.

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