Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hot or Not?!

Wicked Gay Blog posted last week a new topic in their "Hot or Not?" series: wrestling.

There are four votes so far in the comments of the post. Three votes for "yes," and one voter argues that the sweat and aggression and public nature of competitive wrestling are decidedly not hot. I figure that there are a lot of neverland readers who would have very decisive votes to cast.

I've often thought about the relationship between being gay and being fanatical about the eroticism of wrestling. For many of us in this little corner of the internet, it would be a bizarrely obvious question, whether wrestling is hot or not. I've heard from many of you who think of your sexual orientation primarily defined by wrestling more than being gay, in fact. So where do wrestling fetishists stand in relation to other gay guys who could even conceive of asking a question like "is wrestling hot or not?"

Boy Culture, which is not all about wrestling by any means, responds to the Wicked Gay question with an answer that many of us can get behind: "Are any wrestlers - real wrestlers - unsexy? I haven't seen any yet." The fact that there are obviously plenty of gay men who aren't primarily oriented toward wrestling eroticism but who do, nevertheless, enthusiastically get turned on by wrestling, makes me suspect that we're more mainstreamed than even we realize. You and I, who find homoerotic wrestling as a/the primary turn-on, may simply represent one end of the spectrum. While there are clearly those for whom it is a legitimate debate as to whether wrestling is hot, there are also clearly a whole lot of gay guys who recognize that wrestling is sexy as hell, even if they don't turn to wrestling as their primary source of arousal to the extent that many of us do.

Patrick Donovan and Tyrell Tomsen illustrate beyond a shadow
of a doubt just how hot wrestling can be in
BG East's upcoming Wrestler Spotlight: Patrick Donovan
And then there are the typical readers of this blog, whose erotic fantasies revolve around wrestling almost entirely. I think what may be called for is less debate regarding what is or isn't hot, in some definitive way that seems to presuppose that there is a singular answer to the question. The question itself appears to me to be a form of social control, contriving and reifying the bounds of normative gay sexuality and tastes. Perhaps a better approach is to ask, what turns you on about wrestling? Sure, there will still be the voices who answer, "nothing," but I think we can become much more sex-positive, gay-positive, body-positive people if we spend more time appreciating the infinitely complex distribution of erotic tastes and turn-ons, rather than try to carve the world into two pieces: the yes votes and the no votes. It may be entirely true that you and I reside in one of the tails of the so-called normal curve when it comes to our affinity for the eroticism of wrestling. We may be relatively rare in the degree or enthusiasm of our erotic focus on wrestling. But then again, there's nothing impressive about being average. There's nothing morally superior about hovering around the mean.

New topic. Being in the majority: Hot or Not?

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