Friday, September 23, 2011


I read a sci-fi short story at some point in my youth, I believe, in which people have the job of deleting electronic files that accumulate over the course of a person's lifetime. I'm pretty sure I read this well before there were "blogs," but the idea was already there that people would utilize networked computer technology to broadcast themselves, their trivial thoughts, their kinky dreams, their bad poetry, etc., and their archives would live on well past their deaths. The technological equivalent of garbage collectors would be tasked with combing through the piles of electronic stuff left over at the end of a life in order to clean things up and to delete the electronic echo of a person's life and creative spirit.

What reminds me of this short story (I can't remember the name... let me know if it sounds familiar), is wondering what happened to the Just Beautiful Men blog. I checked that blog regularly for quite a while because, well, obviously, it was filled with images of beautiful men. The blog is still there, but it hasn't been updated since October 29 of last year. I just emailed the blogger... hoping to hear that he's just moved on and doesn't have the time it takes to invest in posting new material (trust me, I'd understand). On the other hand, it makes me think about my own legacy and what happens to the ridiculous amounts of myself that I've invested in neverland over the past two and half years. What happens to neverland, to my homoerotic wrestling fiction, to my passions and musings and bad poetry when I die?

Dark, huh? Well, in honor of the inspiration that Just Beautiful Men has brought me, and as a send-up to my own longing for eternal clemency from the big delete button in the sky, I've worked the simply beautiful man featured so tantalizingly on the last post of JBM into my homoerotic wrestling fiction. This is hardly some work of charity, of course. This guy is astonishingly beautiful. The photos nearly make me cry looking at them (which was a frequent reaction I had to Just Beautiful Men). So this blond adonis hardly needs any justification for earning a spot in my homoerotic imagination or in the pages of my fiction.

As summer fights valiantly to fend off the encroaching autumn, I'm particularly loving the sight of thick, muscular thighs, which the coverboy in question has in abundance. JBM thinks that the awe-inspiring hunk may be Danish. I'd buy it. Scandinavian boys have been turning my head hard lately.

So next up for me in the download of my vanity will be a Sidelineland short story, the next chapter in the Brothers in Arms superhero serial, which will include the introduction of a character built on the physical, aesthetic template of the most recent Just Beautiful Men coverboy. And if JBM is still out there and kicking, I hope he'll shot me an email to let me know that life is simply too engaging (and hopefully pleasing) for him to have had time in the past 11 months to post.

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