Monday, September 19, 2011


Miss me? I've been gone yet again for an extended time of travel. This time, while it kept me apart from internet connectivity for a while, I did enjoy some very relaxing time to write. As a result, I've made headway on a couple of different Sidelineland fictional homoerotic wrestling stories.

Model Anthony Gallo -
Inspiring a new character in Sidelineland's "Brothers in Arms"
While away and delighting in scoping out Scandinavian hunks worshipping some unexpected mid-September warmth and sunshine, my thoughts oddly returned often to this blog. Not being able to post forced me into a more mindful, meditative place. From time to time, that's probably a really good thing. As a result, I've thought of a few things that I'd like to do around here to shake things up ever so slightly.

Sweden's Calle Ericksson is just the
tip of the Scandinavian iceberg!
My first innovation is adding my current playlist to the widget bar at the side of the page. By "playlist," I'm referring to what were the most recent homoerotic wrestling matches that topped me off. I hope that it continues to provoke more sharing about what readers are watching and enjoying and being inspired by. I'm also just interested in taking note of where my tastes take me through my library of homoerotic wrestling - are there patterns, types of wrestling, wrestlers, holds or scenarios that show up over time? Does my assessment of my tastes and preferences line up with my actual behavior? Just curious, and I'm sharing just to feed the random curiosity of those of you who might be interested.

The homoerotic wrestling that satisfied me most recently:
Kid Karisma's figure-4 choke on barefoot Jake Jenkins in
BG East's Hunkbash 12: No Mercy
I've got a few more ideas for what I'd like to do or do differently around neverland. I'll announce them as I put them into place in the coming weeks. In the mean time, thanks for your patience, concern, enthusiasm, encouragement, and shared passion for homoerotic wrestling!

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