Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Bitch" Slap

Did you see Cage Thunder's relentless rhetorical trashing of Mitch Colby in his blog a couple of days ago? He insists on referring to him as "Bitch Colby," calling him out for bullying smaller guys in order to make Mitch look arrogant and tough. "He knows he's hot," Cage writes, "and he somehow thinks that makes him superior to everyone else."

Cage also directs anyone who has a problem with his withering rhetorical assault on beautiful Mitch to come here to neverland where I "gush" over Mitch all the time. Setting aside my delight in the image of me "gushing" over (and on top of) Mitch, I can't really honestly deny that I have a long history of frequently musing adoringly about how astonishingly hard Mitch turns me on.  I had an instant infatuation with him the moment I saw him step into the BG East gazebo to conquer sexy Alexi Adamov in a sweat-soaked battle of beautiful youthful arrogance and beautiful mature arrogance. My lust for Mitch has continuously burned ever since.

Mitch schools sexy Alexi -
Wrestler Spotlight: Alexi Adamov
And true enough, I've cited Mitch a total of 62 out of around 730 posts here at neverland! That's nearly 8.5% of my posts that have lingered lustfully on the beauty, power, and highly erotic wrestling of Mitch. So I can understand Cage Thunder referring Mitch apologists here.  Mitch has made me gush with regular frequency on the pages of this blog (and elsewhere). Is there anywhere else to go to find more or more passionate worship of the 6'2" work of art that is Mitch? Does anyone else obsess so adoringly on the look of ecstasy on his face every time he slides some poor, lucky, lucky fucker between those incredibly long, lean, gorgeous thighs and squeezes until he screams?

Mitch's gorgeous legs deployed to perfection -
Motel Madness 8
I once sent Mitch an email begging for him to give me an interview. I never heard back. So I suppose it's quite possible that Mitch is arrogant, with a cocky air of superiority about him.  Or perhaps he's shy, at least when he's off camera. Maybe I had the wrong email address. Maybe he was just busy at the time.  Maybe Mitch would like to come hang out in (very) friendly territory here at neverland to answer some questions and respond to the bitch-slap that Cage laid down on Monday.

It clearly isn't just the big boys that Mitch likes to wrestle!
Sunshine Shooters 4 
Reading between the lines, for all of Cage's trash talk directed toward Mitch, I detect that Cage may harbor something entirely different than contempt for the statuesque stunner of my fondest fantasies. Before any fellow Mitch-fanatics start flaming Cage, let me just point out that if you read his blog post closely, you'll see that Cage talks longingly, dare I say lustfully, about a passion for witnessing Mitch getting pummeled. While I enjoy Mitch whether he's pitching or catching in a homoerotic wrestling match, I can wholeheartedly understand Cage's powerful enjoyment of watching earnest, gorgeous Mitch get picked apart, conquered and humiliated.  For my tastes, Mitch dominated is perhaps a shade more fantastically erotic than Mitch dominating. Further, I'd propose that the unmistakably aggressive tone in Cage's post seems to me to be an implicit challenge for his own crack at testing Mitch's mettle.

Cage Thunder always lays down the challenge!
Mmmmmm... I'm nearly gushing once again just thinking about the provocative potential in a match between Cage Thunder and Mitch Colby! How has this stroke of genius failed to happen already? Cage and Mitch are like two alligators stalking the waters of the Everglades, swallowing whole lesser creatures and growing big and confident and dangerous over the course of their long and impressive BG East wrestling careers. Surely it's inevitable that two such foundational pillars of homoerotic wrestling over the past 5 years should face off. So, true enough, Cage concludes his recent blog post with a direct challenge to Vlad Varek. But I'm thinking Cage's real target, his real call out isn't for the nasty, brutal Russian (or at least not exclusively). I think Cage actually has his sights set on a certain tanned, muscled, sweet assed, earnest 6'2" fitness god. I, for one, think Mitch ought to rise to the provocation, give me interview, and show up on Cage's doorstep with jock strap in hand.

Mitch with his opponent firmly in hand -
Wrestler Spotlight: Mitch Colby
And now 8.6% of blog posts here at neverland include adoration for Mitch Colby!

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  1. That's so awesome that he mentioned you! I'm vicariously star-struck.



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