Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Making Somebody Happy

Lon's back bigger, harder, and with a full head of hair.
My fellow Lon Dumont fans likely have already taken note of the best news I've heard all month: Lon is back in a new release from BG East called Rookie Wreckers!! Yes, my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler - non-pornboy division, is back in ring action, sporting that full head of hair he hinted at in my interview many months ago, and looking unbelievably ripped!

Lon looks like he's squeezing the produce in readiness to crush Morgan like a grape.
I'll compose a full review in a few days, but I'm chomping at the bit to just revel in the thrill of seeing Lon back in the ring. Hot damn, this man turns me on and holds my rapt attention like the beautiful, cocky, incredibly hot and entertaining pro he is! Looks like he's returning to those bygone days he mentioned in my interview of schooling up-and-comers in the harsh realities of professional wrestling. Beefy, hairy rookie Morgan Cruise seems like he could be a handful, even for the likes of indy wrestler turned competitive bodybuilder Lon. Morgan looks big and cocky, with nowhere near the level of peak conditioning that Lon is sporting, but big and strong enough to potentially do some damage on his smaller "trainer."
Lon sets the fishhooks deep, ready to reel in the rookie and mount him over the fireplace.
Then again, Lon looks to me to be up to the challenge, and the collection is called "Rookie Wreckers" for God's sake! I've been in sporadic communication with Lon in the months since our interview, and I believe that this match was filmed as he was heading into the current bodybuilding competition season. This would explain his truly astonishing fitness, notably harder and bigger than before. He's seriously lean... like this-man-has-got-to-be-ravenous-for-some-carbs type of lean. If a miserable month and a half on the Atkins diet taught me anything, it's that when deprived of carbs, a human being can get incredibly short-tempered, just a bit irrational, and down right nasty at the slightest provocation. All this might explain the look of terror, bewilderment, and semi-consciousness that's playing across Morgan's baby face in the first pics released from this match.

Who has striated back muscles!!!? Lon Dumont does!
Good God, who has striated back muscles!!!? And let me give an obvious nod to the continuation of my recent theme of asses that drive me insane. I doubt Morgan fully appreciates just how envious I am of the opportunity to feel Lon's legs crushing his midsection and rearranging some internal organs. Lon's incredibly high-quality physique paired with, what did he say, eight years in indy pro wrestling is possibly the hottest combination I can imagine in the characteristics that are sure to make me break a sweat. Add to all that a razor-wire wit and a knack for telling a story, and it's no wonder that I'm ready to start a citizen's initiative to name a holiday after him. I'm setting off some fireworks tonight in honor of Dumont Day in the WrestleBard household!


  1. Love Lon's hair! And Morgan is beautiful and hot as hell, as well!

  2. He is pretty, that Lon.

  3. Just received Rookie Wrestlers. Been getting BGE vids for more than 20 years and this one is an immediate all time favorite. Watching Caleb Brand do his work on a rookie sent me over the top then Lon Dumont destroying Morgan did it again. Still to watch Johnny Firestorm...can't wait.

  4. addendum to above... Johnny Firestorm vs Dylan Roberts doesn't disappoint. I've long wished Kid Leopard would take someone under his wing and teach his unique method of torture and innovative wrestling. Looks like he's done that with JF. A mind bending destruction with Dylan left virtually unconscious. Worth every cent of the price.



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