Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pushing and Shoving

Voting has been fast and furious in the current reader's poll to pick the popular opinion on who's "best of the best" among the cadre of homoerotic wrestlers of the month. Register your opinion to the right, and leave a comment to try to persuade ambivalent voters whose behind toward which they should throw their support.

In the mean time, I just posted a new piece of fantastically written homoerotic wrestling fiction at Sidelineland. For newbies, Sidelineland is a members-only site for sharing your wrestling fiction. The new short story is the second contribution by Alex, who brought us the blazingly hot underground encounter when the Canadian "champion" and  his U.S. counterpart battle it out for national pride (among other stakes). With his new story, Alex takes us "behind the scenes" of an early 80's pro wrestling production called AWL. Classic pre-80's pros are struggling to make the transition to the demands for prettier, harder, bigger bodybuilder faces that began to own the scene. Young behemoth Colt is relatively new to the scene, and his orchestrated push is rustling feathers among the long-standing pillars of pro wrestling who can't stand to see a rookie climb so fast. When push literally comes to shove behind the scenes, young, hairy gladiator Colt is determined to put his ass where the veteran heel's mouth is, calling him out for some extra-curricular confrontations to put up our shut up.

Colt's nemesis on camera and off is Andy, a classic, vile, ring savvy heel with a beer belly and an accomplished disdain for rules. Colt is pretty sure that Andy's been in the business too long to remember that he may be written to be the bully for the show, but he'd be a fool to think he can outmuscle and outwrestle a 6'6", 290 pound stack of bricks like Colt. The stakes for the extra-curricular activity are the finest, as is Alex' writing.  I'm crazy to read more from this fantastic, generous contributor to Sidelineland, and I'd love to see some hot takes on homoerotic wrestling from more writers out there, as well. If you haven't already, sign-up for access to Sidelineland here (pro forma, just to weed out some of the nut job haters).

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