Saturday, April 7, 2012

Colt's Comeback

Alex is entertaining my wrestling kink like crazy lately! I've posted his newest story for the Sidelineland group. It's chapter 2 of his AWL series, in which he tells the story of the erotic back room moments of early 80's pro wrestling from the point of view of massive, hairy muscle beast Colt Hill. Colt's young, dumb, and full of cum, and in a time when massive bodybuilders are starting to outshine the tried-and-true bear-bellied battlers of the years prior, Colt's early career celebrity status isn't going over well with everyone in the business (though the fans are nuts for him!).

"Colt Hill"
In chapter 1 of the series, Colt tells us the tale of the rub he encounters when veteran bear daddy badboy, Andy Arlington calls the rookie muscle beast out for private beatdown to settle scores for good. If you haven't read it, I don't want to spoil it for you, because you'll want to read it. But I'll just offer the teaser that both hairy pounders get naked and the stakes steadily rise fall after fall, until somebody's ass is literally and figuratively in the possession of his opponent.

"Andy Arlington"
Chapter 2 picks up where chapter 1 left off. Colt gets partnered with another up and coming young stud puppy named Kirk Manning. The two appear to be even more successful than the sum of their parts, and they get one push after another to skyrocket in the promotion. Fans are going crazy for the pair of hot hunks, but egos and ulterior motives are destined to come to a head for the two ambitious boys. When the tension boils over, big muscle boys manage to inflict some serious damage on one another. Twice as nasty (and erotic!) as the physical combat is the public and private humiliation that both of these testosterone junkies are determined to inflict on one another.  Hot, hot, HOT, and fantastically written!

"Kirk Manning"
Sidelineland has been getting a lot more new postings than the sister-site, Producer's Ring, as of late. I've got a couple of projects in the works for Producer's Ring, but with so much on my plate right now, it'll be a while before they get launched. But do not doubt that the celebrities wrestling their way to power and glory in the Producer's Ring universe are still hot, horny, and hammering on one another for geopolitical and financial advantage. Sidelineland will also continue as an anthology of erotic wrestling stories from me and others, some with celebrities, a lot with just hard pounding hunks born out of a little visual inspiration and a whole lot of homoerotic wrestling imagination.

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  1. What a nice and detailed interview! He seems like a really cool and down to earth guy.
    I bought the video where he wrestles and gets dominated by another muscled guy. Even though his body is pretty much perfect by my standards, I wouldn't buy a membership at this moment because his webside is focused on him being the dominant guy. I would love if he would do more videos where he is a jobber in wrestling matches, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who love to see him as the undefeated heel. Wish him all the best and much success for his site :)



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