Monday, April 16, 2012

The Side Hustle

I partied hearty for my birthday last week. Just now coming out of the haze, in fact. Happily, I had another little present from Sidelineland contributor Alex. Alex is the extremely talented writer who has contributed stories to the Sidelineland homoerotic wrestling fiction group in the past couple of months. Today I posted his newest story, the latest chapter in his American Wrestling League series, entitled "The Side Hustle."

Star of chapter 3: AWL's Dangerous Danny Chase
This AWL story centers on a new early 80's wrestler trying to get traction in the world of pro wrestling.  Dangerous Danny Chase owns property in jobberville, and he's increasingly unhappy about the neighborhood. After 5 years in the business, he's a company man, but he's now used almost exclusively as window dressing to showcase the headliners. What's a disillusioned young hunk to do with his gasping hopes for fame and glory?

Helpful, hairy hunk, Rex Taylor
Danny's buddy in the biz, Rex Taylor, suggests a remedy to reanimate Danny's visions of fortune and fame.  I'll let you read Alex's excellent writing for yourself, but needless to say that in a world populated with gay men with a wrestling fetish and spending money, there are always options for wrestlers craving attention and the roar of the crowd. Throw in a gorgeous bodybuilder wearing posing trunks into the mix, and this story is right on target!

Danny's hopes for glory in the ring are pinned on
5'11", 250 lb bodybuilder, Coal
Thanks for the excellent birthday present, Alex, and for everyone else who sent along your best wishes.  Life is good, and I'm happy to be living it.

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