Thursday, June 14, 2012

Superhero Sisyphus

Alex Adamov as Sisyphus gets a purchase on Cole Cassidy's ass in his struggle to rise to his feet in Old School Meets New
Yesterday, I waxed philosophical about the existential implications of a homoerotic wrestler struggling to climb up to his feet, dragging himself up inch by inch holding onto his opponent's muscles. In a happy coincidence, I just posted a new story on behalf of Alex that features just this fantastic element, as a superhero in trouble struggles on his knees in front of his villainous opponent.

Drew Russell strains to climb Mt. Cole in Florida Fights 4
This 3rd chapter in The Cave series by Alex is climactic in every sense of the word! Holy crap, I needed IV fluids to make it through the end of the match, in which pornstar wrestler Cody, whose wrestling alter-ego is The Bat, is shocked to his core to face his arch-nemesis, Bane.

I've heaped praise on Alex's writing in the past, so I won't belabor the obvious. Alex's writing is beautifully artful, his storytelling is compelling, and his homoerotic wrestling imagination is mindblowingly hot! If you've read the first 2 chapters of The Cave, get yourself to the Sidelineland collection and find yourself some private time to enjoy the culmination of this erotic trilogy. If you haven't read the first 2 chapters, do that first before you head to chapter 3... but pace yourself. This is potent, sexy, truly homoerotic fantasy fantastic!

Send me your contributions of homoerotic wrestling fiction to share with the group, and share your feedback through the Sidelineland discussion group (which gives you instant access to the full collection of reader contributions).

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