Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Man Named Suh [Guest Blogger: Alex]

Pro football players have become pro wrestlers many times. Brian Pillman, Goldberg, Mongo McMichael and Lex Luger were all pro players before there were wrestlers. I'm sure there are current examples, but I feel like it's less likely to happen these days, especially with anyone prominent. And it probably shouldn't happen, because there are too many talented wrestlers in the system. It wouldn't be fair to them. Still, the second episode of a little cheesefest on ABC called Splash sure got me thinking about the potential of one: Ndamukong Suh.

For those who don't follow the NFL, why Suh? He's 6'4"/307-lbs with a beefy body. And he has a penchant for being a heel. In the past two Detroit Lions Thanksgiving games, Suh has made news by stomping a player who was down (2011) and delivering a low blow to Houston QB Matt Schaub (2012).

So when I flipped by Splash and saw him come out of the back in his robe, strip it off and hand it to the lovely valet, my brain could only think "HEEL". I could imagine that all playing out with him jogging to the ring, instead of the diving board.


 Cage behind, bloody nose … yeah, wrestler
Sweaty after a long match?

Unrealistic that he'll ever be a pro wrestler, much less a heel? Of course, but he's still a beefy dude with an attitude and a fondness for stomping and low blows. Yeah, definitely sign him up.

What say you? Yay or nay?


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  1. Nay!! There's already too many lardy types in the WWE. We don't need another. Maybe if he loses some weight, bulks up with muscle. He's no Pillman, Lugar, Francis, or Goldberg.



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