Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I've been complaining about our google overlords for years now, running into frustrations and the deleterious effects of their malignant neglect of this free blog service that they purchased and then instantly stopped paying attention to. To be fair, Blogspot is pretty push-button easy and, as I mentioned, free.  Also to be fair, I've found that it has dozens of unattended bugs and more that are only slowly attended to. When I recently got an email from our google overlords warning me as an owner of a mature-audiences-only blog that they were reviewing adult blog content in order to root out and delete any blogs that advertise third-party adult entertainment sites, the combo of disregard and over-your-shoulder prudishness finally made me pull the trigger. I did a modicum of due diligence and decided to migrate neverland to a new host, namely WordPress. I honestly don't know that it's any less oppressive, but the interface is much more reliable on my end, and they don't seem to give a damn about my content after I notified them of its adult nature and they pulled it from their regular WordPress "newly published" rotation.  I've ponied up a little cash to make it more customizable, as well as to ensure that no advertisements will be added. We now also have our own domain name, so while it may be less likely to appear in search results (I'm a little unclear about that), it should be easier to find for those who are familiar with the sidelineland moniker.

So this is the last post that will appear here at neverland on Blogger. All archived posts and reader comments have been migrated to the new site, and hope to see you all there real soon (like now... click here and check out our new digs).

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